Staging & Styling

White Pine Staging is the staging segment for Spaces by Heidi offering staging and styling for Salt Lake City, Utah and surrounding areas.

Vacant Staging

By placing furniture and accessories throughout the homes allows the buyers to picture themselves living there and it create an emotional connection to the property. It also provides a sense of relative size and scale to each room.

We offer complete staging services that range from partially staging the home, meaning key rooms are staged, to staging a complete model home.

We have staging and styling options to fit all budgets. Whether you have a client that needs to spice up one room to a high end listing that requires all the bells and whistles, White Pine Staging has you supported!

Schedule a Staging Consult

Walk & Talk Consult

The walk and talk consultations are great for listings that don’t have a full staging budget. We will walk through the entire property starting from the entering the home. On average, they take 1.5 – 2 hours. Homes larger than 3,000sq take 2-3.5 hours. We will answer any and all questions and discuss everything from mirror placement to paint color options, when and where needed. Areas of strengths and weaknesses will be discussed in detail with suggestions and recommendations needed to prepare the home for sale.

Prepare to take notes and you can begin to do the work yourself or hire cleaners, painters, packers, etc. to get the work done. If staging services are used this fee will go towards the cost of staging.

Consultations starting at $350.

photo of Heidi Jessop, the owner of Spaces by Heidi, White Pine Staging, located in Salt Lake City, Utah